Total Acts of Good Completed: 21394

Here's how it works

This journal was created to inspire Acts of Good. A tangible book, released into the world to capture the stories of the lives touched along the way. Each journal starts as a blank canvas, passed from one person to the next through an Act of Good, uniquely documenting the path, impact and effect it has on the world before it is returned back to you as a completed manuscript of how you made the world a better place.

(Step 1)

Buy a Journal

Buy A journal & register it online. This ensures that you will receive it back once all 12 Acts have been completed.

(Step 2)

Pass It On

Complete the very first Act of Good for someone & give them the journal. (Yes, literally releasing it into the world.)

(Step 3)

Follow Its Journey

Follow along as it is passed from one person to the next, collecting the stories of where it goes, what it does and the lives touched along the way.

(Step 4)

You Get It Back

After all 12 acts have been completed, the journal is returned back to you to be kept as a reminder of how you made the world a better place!


#GiveGOOD: A Skydiving Adventure

Oct 17 2015

Sponsored by: HMK

Our very first #GiveGOOD display was located in the HMK store in Kansas City, MO. We gave away a skydiving adventure to an incredible person (Yeah, Errrrrrka… You ARE incredible!)  

This was our first experience of "Giving Away Good" and it was more gratifying than we could have ever imagined. It solidified our thoughts, it embodied our beliefs and having HMK as a sponsor let us know that others in the world think it is a good idea to #GiveGOOD. 

*Stay tuned as new displays emerge across the country and new Acts Of Good are available for you to give away!