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#GiveGOOD, Episode 2: A $250 Dining Experience

Dec 21 2015

Sponsored by: HMK

We think giving away good is a good idea. So this month we wanted to give someone an incredible night to share with friends, family or keep to themselves for desserts on desserts on desserts. So we chose the James Beard Award wining Michael Smith Restaurant in Kansas City to be the gift of choice.


KC Spaces Magazine

Nov 06 2015

It is nerve-wrecking to start any endeavor. You never know if the public will like it, if it will be successful or if it will turn into something you are proud of. So, anytime you find your product in an unsolicited, random, waiting in line for your hot-chocolate so you picked up a magazine, magazine article, you are ecstatic! 

I have never had a ton of confidence in even my best projects. Call it what you want, and I'm never looking for sympathy comments here, I just don't and we can leave it at that. However, it is these moments that remind me that I am doing something right and keep me on the right path.

Thanks Kansas City Spaces! 

Lincoln Center Making A Difference

Oct 27 2015

Up Up & Away! A theater experience unlike any other, taking the trip of a lifetime while never leaving the stage for many with autism.

The Lincoln Centers latest production created to engage, senses and emotions gives you cold chills and childlike wonder as you stare up at the sames clouds (in your own little world), not just to watch, but to experience the story.

-What a beautiful world we live in.

#GiveGOOD: A Skydiving Adventure

Oct 17 2015

Sponsored by: HMK

Our very first #GiveGOOD display was located in the HMK store in Kansas City, MO. We gave away a skydiving adventure to an incredible person (Yeah, Errrrrrka… You ARE incredible!)  

This was our first experience of "Giving Away Good" and it was more gratifying than we could have ever imagined. It solidified our thoughts, it embodied our beliefs and having HMK as a sponsor let us know that others in the world think it is a good idea to #GiveGOOD. 

*Stay tuned as new displays emerge across the country and new Acts Of Good are available for you to give away! 


Oct 16 2015

Errrrrrrrrrrbody Get Ya' Roll On! It's "In The Shop Friday". At Every Friday we are in the shop putting together journals, brainstorming, building prototypes and collaborating on new ideas and direction of the company.

This Friday is a Big Journal day. Gearing up for the Holiday season, it seems all of our vendors had the same idea to up their inventory. We are so grateful for these afternoons and always have a fun time doin' what we do.