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#GiveGOOD, Episode 2: A $250 Dining Experience

Dec 21 2015


We think giving away good is a good idea. So this month we wanted to give someone an incredible night to share with friends, family or keep to themselves for desserts on desserts on desserts. So we chose the James Beard Award wining Michael Smith Restaurant in Kansas City to be the gift of choice.


#GiveGOOD: A Skydiving Adventure

Oct 17 2015


Our very first #GiveGOOD display was located in the HMK store in Kansas City, MO. We gave away a skydiving adventure to an incredible person (Yeah, Errrrrrka… You ARE incredible!)  

This was our first experience of "Giving Away Good" and it was more gratifying than we could have ever imagined. It solidified our thoughts, it embodied our beliefs and having HMK as a sponsor let us know that others in the world think it is a good idea to #GiveGOOD. 

*Stay tuned as new displays emerge across the country and new Acts Of Good are available for you to give away! 

It's Good Business

Oct 01 2015

Businesses contact us every day (and I mean EVERY day this comes up) that are seeking ways to better engage their customers, communities and employees.

The topics revolve around "We have a stale working environment", "We want to better engage the community, but not with another 5K sponsorship" (Disclaimer: nothing wrong with 5k sponsorships), Or, "We want our customers to think about us more than just a coffee shop, or real estate company". 

Our "Weekly Acts Of Good", "GiveGOOD Displays" and The Acts Of Good Journal, are a few of the ways we are partnering with businesses across the country. Let us know if you want to #EmpowerGOOD. 

A New Way To Give.

Sep 17 2015


We think that giving away good, is a good idea!

We are putting pop up displays across the country that allow you to give Acts Of Good, by simply nominating somebody. The first display is located in the HMK store on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO. 

It's our way to share the experiences we get to see every day. So join us as we find, experience, express and #GiveGOOD. 

#WeeklyActsOfGood: First Flight

Sep 10 2015

The Bash Group

Each week we give away an Act Of Good. Sometimes it is simple, some times more elaborate. This week we are crossing off a #BuckerList item for a local firefighter with his very first flying lesson. 

What an exciting morning for him and all of us with 

#WeeklyActsOfGood #inspireGOOOD #GiveGOOD